Legendary Overclocker KINGPIN Partners with PNY for Next-Gen GPUs

Renowned overclocker Vince Lucido, also known as KINGPIN, has joined forces with PNY to create cutting-edge GPUs designed for extreme overclocking. KINGPIN, famous for his unmatched skill in pushing hardware to its limits, announced the collaboration in a recent interview with Gamers Nexus at Computex 2024. This news is sure to excite enthusiasts who have been eagerly anticipating KINGPIN's next project following EVGA's exit from the high-end GPU market. Previously, KINGPIN led the development of EVGA's top-tier KINGPIN designs, focused on maximizing GPU performance. However, with EVGA's departure from the GPU industry, KINGPIN sought a new partner to continue his work on next-generation GPU designs.

PNY has now become KINGPIN's chosen company for this endeavor. While he had discussions with other companies like GALAX and ASUS, KINGPIN felt that working with them would be too crowded due to the presence of in-house overclockers. He also explored the possibility of collaborating with MSI, but the company was not interested in producing GPUs tailored for extreme overclocking. In contrast, PNY has shown great interest in disrupting the high-end GPU market. KINGPIN believes there is a significant gap in this market segment, and he aims to address it through his partnership with PNY. The upcoming NVIDIA GeForce RTX 50 series of GPUs is expected to benefit from KINGPIN's expertise, carrying on the legacy of EVGA at PNY. Watch the full video interview with Gamers Nexus below.